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Coworking in Bangkok

Bangkok has in the last decade become a major hub for coworking spaces, as the traditional office work structure has dissipated with the rise of remotely, in-the-cloud, based work possibilities. Freelancers and digital nomads can now work from anywhere including their home. But the need for a social and active day still exists and coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular.

At Dice! Cafe we have five main criteria for a successful coworking space:

  • Great work conditions. These includes comfortable seating as well as the option to choose between a quiet focused work area (the members only coworking space on 4th and 5th floor) to a more bustling less formal area (the ground floor cafe). Both of where you can get your work done.

  • Sociable/Community. Areas and events that promote a good community atmosphere. At Dice! Cafe we have a work area (4th floor) as well as a lounge and meeting room area (5th floor) where members can relax and talk. We also have several weekly events including discussion groups, movie nights, parties and many more where coworkers can get together in a less formal manner.

  • Fun. Events as well as the second floor board gaming area provide nice options to relax in the end of the day with work colleagues or friends.

  • Location. Dice! Coworking Space is located 200 m from Ari BTS with easy accessibility to the rest of the city.

  • Facilities. The simple things added up often make big differences, so at Dice! having a meeting is easy with fellow members or visitors from outside. Printing is a must and allowances are included in every membership. Private space in case your are making those important calls and great food and drinks for the breaks. See the full range of benefits here.

Feel free to contact us for a tour of the Dice! building and coworking space, meet the staff and fellow coworkers and see how you can join the Dice! coworking community.

See more about our prices, benefits and space right here.

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