Dice! Cafe is an eclectic cafe located in the heart of Ari, only 200 m from Ari BTS in Bangkok. The Cafe comprises of five floors with an urban cafe, boardgame zone and a co-working space all tucked into one.


Entering Dice! you will be greeted by a chilled-out hipster cafe that offers a great variety of drinks, coffee and food. Worth mentioning are our Signature Dice! Coffee Affogato with Coconut Ice Cream (125 thb) and the Signature White or Black Iced Coffee with Berries and Caramel (125 thb). There is a nice selection of food options, like the delicious Massaman Curry (Grandma’s Secret Recipe - 159 thb), Tofu Chicken Salad (159 thb) and the Signature Charcoal Burgers (159 thb).


The second floor houses the board game area and a more upbeat vibe where more than 150 board games are available to play as well as Game Masters at hand to get you started.


The third floor is the private gaming area as well as event space where Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer are being played daily. Movie nights, improv classes, discussion groups, Music and Art happenings and many other events unfold here on a weekly basis as well.


The floors above are the members only coworking space where you have all the facilities needed to get your work done. There is also a nice hangout rooftop lounge and outdoor terrace for in-between work sessions, meetings and events.


Dice! redefines the stereotypical cafe and offers a wide-range of activities and possibilities. It focuses on community-building, startup support, social events, great vibes and offers a fantastic place to hangout for the day, whether it is for work or play.

I come to Dice! Co-working Space cause it is peaceful, convenient and close to everything including the BTS. Here I can focus on my work in really comfortable chairs. There are lovely fellow coworkers, great staff and nice coffee. 

- Julia, Coworker at Dice!